Testimonials & Results

Sales Increase Of 265%:

Steve Brennan went into business ten years ago and is now the proud owner Auto Edge, a mechanical repair business.

It wasn’t always a walk in the park, and early last year Steve began to think of closing the business.

“I was doing everything in the business. I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere and I’d had enough,” says Steve.

That is until Steve started working with ActionCOACH.

“Since ActionCOACH came on board, average monthly sales revenue has increase by 265% and net profits have increased by 192%! My whole role in the business changed. I’m not so hands on anymore and business has picked up due to our ability to better service customer demand.”

“My biggest ‘Aha’ moment was that I don’t need to be working in the business. I need to know the business. I need to coach somebody else to run it, and really become an entrepreneur.”


Steve Laughton always had the desire to own his own business. Steve realized his dreams and purchased a Mortgage First franchise. Like many business owners, Steve was working long hours and felt like he was not reaping the rewards.

“The growth of the business was slow and frustrating. It didn’t matter how I worked, the results were no in proportion to my efforts. I was doing a lot of work I didn’t enjoy and the team was not operating effectively,” says Steve.

Steve decided he needed to do something and contacted ActionCOACH.

“Since I’ve been with ActionCOACH, I am more focused on the business and have clarity on where I want to take it. I’ve hired two new team members, reduced my working hours by up to 30%, and there is now renewed energy in the business and more excitement about achieving our goals.”

“…my biggest success is the structure that ActionCOACH has been able to bring about in my day-to-day working on the business and the organized manner in which we’re able to approach it.”